The Tomahawks Come Out for Elizabeth Warren From Other Democrats on Health Care

Senator Elizabeth Warren

The faux Indian references never get old.

Yesterday, I wrote about how Sen. Elizabeth Warren FINALLY has gotten around to talking about actually releasing a plan on Medicare for all. READ: FINALLY: Elizabeth Warren Will Unveil Her Medicare For All Plan. We Still Go Broke With It. This plan is full of crap that she can’t actually do. Simply because the system is already broke and taxing all the wealth in the country won’t fix that.


One of her colleagues in the race for the Democratic nomination in 2020 has taken notice and has decided to call her out.

According to Fox News

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is being dishonest about her health care plan, which would add trillions to the deficit and raise taxes on all Americans, so she can use it as a soundbite, said Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo, on Monday.

“I think she’s not being honest about her plan,” Bennet said on “CNN Newsroom.” “I think her plan, which costs $33 trillion, is the equivalent of 70 percent of all the taxes that the federal government will collect over the next 10 years.

“I mean, it is a massive increase in taxes to this country and it hasn’t been explained to the American people,” he continued.

“It’s a soundbite. And more than that… it’s not based on common sense.”

What tipped you off, Senator, that her lips were moving?

Bennet has actually praised Bernie Sanders on his plan for at least being honest about how he is going to tax people for the luxury of free healthcare. Sanders is going to tax everyone and says it. Elizabeth’s plan, much like Obamacare was, is built upon a premise of “I won’t be around when the crap hits the fan so you guys figure it out.”

As we come up to the 100-day mark before the Iowa caucuses we are going to see that those who are on the bubble or are ticked off that they have not taken off in the polls start taking scalps of the frontrunner. (I CAN’T STOP.)


Warren has a very strained relationship with the truth and it is no surprise that she would put out a plan that other semi-reasonable people would immediately destroy. The last debate showed that when everyone took a shot at her they were letting her know she was full of buffalo chips. Going forward this pounding is only going to get worse.

Elizabeth should just go full Bernie and decide to be absolutely honest and say if you want mediocre health care for all then we have to tax you more than you have ever been taxed before. This is what you want, lemmings, so shut your pie holes and obey.

Maybe then her Senate colleagues also running for President would offer her praise instead of scorn.

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