Billionaire on Twitter Helping Those in Need, Enlists Donald Trump Help.

Finally, a feel-good story about Twitter after all the negative news we hear about it and from it. Including that lil spat over the newbies in the House of Representatives by the Speaker of said House over social media and Twitter in particular.


Earlier today on Twitter, Michigan billionaire Bill Pulte tweeted that he would give 30,000 dollars to a Veteran in need if the United States President and avid Twitter user Donald Trump would give an RT to this noble cause. You have to know already what POTUS did.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, this is something he hopes to encourage with others who can help those in need…

In a video Pulte, managing partner of Pontiac-based Pulte Capital Partners LLC, says he hopes this is the start of a new wave of philanthropy on the social media site.

“Twitter is so full of negative stuff these days, especially with the politicians, businessmen, political reporters all of this stuff,” Pulte said in a video. “It is about time we finally have something positive on Twitter. This website is huge, why are we not using that?”

Pulte also hinted that some of his rich friends have been waiting to see if this takes off before joining him in giving away money on Twitter. He hopes the president’s retweet encourages them to start.


Mr. Pulte is right.

We have allowed social media to devolve to the state that it is in today. Luckily we have someone such as Bill Pulte who is stepping up by his own hand and encouraging others that have his type of resources to do the same. Once you get a positive ball like this rolling you know that wherever it ends up peoples lives will be better for it.

Also as a side note, as one who lives in Michigan also, I can’t tell you how awesome it is that someone from my home state is helping lead the charge in this and creating something good using Twitter. You can follow @Pulte on Twitter or the hashtag #twitterphilanthropy.

Well done, sir.

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