New Polling From The Swing State Of Michigan Shows No Impeachment Fever Yet.

New polling out of Michigan ( which Trump won by only 10,000 votes in 2016) is giving a good indication that Nancy Pelosi is right to hold off on going “Impeachment Crazy” in the Great Lakes State like some of her less seasoned colleagues are hell-bent to accomplish. I have written about her reluctance right here at Red State.


Who Was The Biggest Loser In The Mueller Presser? Nancy Pelosi

Lucky for all of you I am here to humbly break down some of the results from this poll released in the Detroit News today. According to the article…

Michigan voters oppose House lawmakers launching impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, though they’re split on whether he committed obstruction of justice, according to a new statewide poll.

The survey conducted last week of 600 likely Michigan voters and released to The Detroit News and WDIV-TV found that nearly 53 percent are opposed to the U.S. House starting impeachment hearings, while about 40 percent support impeaching Trump.

About 41 percent of respondents “strongly” oppose impeachment, while 27 percent “strongly” support it. Opposition to impeachment hearings was particularly high among independent voters at 59 percent.

What does this all mean?

*Michigan voters are split, however, the poll was conducted during the frenzy of the press going crazy during the Mueller press conference and the fall out from that. That 41% strongly OPPOSE impeachment and 27% strongly FAVOR it is amazing given the relentless efforts of liberal networks like CNN and MSNBC to try and compare this to Watergate without the actual water, gate or crime.

*59% of independents were against impeachment. This demographic is an incredibly important group for any candidate and absolutely vital for President Trump in this crucial swing state. Once again being this poll was taken during the foaming of the mouth after the liberal frenzy of the Mueller press conference shows not as much damage was done as Democrats hoped.


*Also the other question, if people were better or worse off than four years ago, had a result of 38 percent said better off, while 36 percent said they were the same, and 25 percent said worse off. While the better off column you would think would be closer to 50% with the economy roaring, that only a quarter of the people here in this rust belt state say they are worse off is a promising sign.

Overall, there are some good signs for Trump 2020 but some big concerns as well. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin won’t roll over easily as the Clinton campaign allowed them too in 2016. The groundwork is being laid as we speak and this detailed poll in Michigan gives a good indicator of where this is going.

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