Jerry Nadler Goes Fishing And Subpoenas Former Trump Aide Hope Hicks

Someone Is Cranky

Rep. Jerry Nadler from New York is cranky and is issuing subpoenas to former White House aides to try and alleviate his grumpiness. According to NBC News he just sent out notices to former White House communications director Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson who is the former chief of staff to ex-White House counsel Don McGahn.


According to the Peacock Network…

The subpoenas were issued for testimony and documents related to the panel’s investigation into obstruction of justice, corruption and other potential abuses of power by President Donald Trump and members of his administration, the committee said.

“The redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report documented alarming misconduct and obstruction of justice by President Trump. Donaldson and Hicks were critical witnesses to this behavior,” the committee said in a statement.

The subpoenas, which the committee had authorized last month, call on Hicks and Donaldson to produce requested documents early next month and for Hicks to testify June 19 and for Donaldson to appear for a deposition on June 24.

I’m assuming this is a version of a congressional temper tantrum from a man with a big gavel. Nadler knows that Don McGahn and the fight to get him to appear for Jerry’s committee may take a while in the courts so he is going to try and squeeze some people down the totem pole and get them to squeal.


If the Trump administration claims that these two ladies are also covered by executive privilege than you can expect Barron to be called and possibly a janitor at the White House next. We all know how this story ends.

We also know Jerry loves to go fishing on the taxpayers’ expense.

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