Karate Hands, Beto O' Rourke Raises 6.1 Million Dollars in One Day.

Beto “My hands are running wild” O’ Rourke made a big splash in the fundraising field of Democratic hopefuls for President last week. He raised 6.1 million dollars in just 24 hours. He beat Socialist icon Bernie Sanders who raised 5.9 million in the same period after his announcement.


What a young whippersnapper.

According to NBC News

Beto O’Rourke raised $6.1 million in his first 24 hours as a presidential candidate, according to his campaign, surpassing Bernie Sanders and every other 2020 Democrat who has disclosed their figures.

O’Rourke’s campaign announced Monday that he had taken in $6,136,763 in online contributions in the day after declaring his candidacy Thursday morning.

“In just 24 hours, Americans across this country came together to prove that it is possible to run a true grassroots campaign for president — a campaign by all of us, for all of us, that answers not to the PACs, corporations, and special interests but to the people,” O’Rourke, who has sworn off PAC donations of any kind, said in a statement.

That’s a strong showing for the former Texas congressman who lost a Senate race last year to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz while setting a new fundraising record.

If you recall, Beto kinda half @#$% his announcement by texting a local station in Texas that he was running. Yet the fundraising machine he created during the 2018 loss to Ted Cruz for United States Senate kicked into high gear to help him achieve this record amount.


No matter how you slice it, that is impressive.

Beto causes a number of headaches for the Trump 2020 campaign. I don’t see a lightweight with no achievements gaining the top nod from the current Democratic party but if he were to become the V.P. nominee that could put Texas in play.

Putting it simply, if Texas falls, no one with an R after their name will win the White House.

The 2020 campaign is well underway so buckle up your seatbelts, kids, this is going to get fun. Also if you meet Beto on the trail don’t get to close to him. He may accidentally karate chop you with his hands.

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