Joe Biden Announces He Is Running. Kinda.

Ohhhh, Uncle Joe. Don’t be afraid to jump in, the 2020 POTUS water is fine.

Former Vice President and all around fav gaffe machine, Joe Biden, announced that he was running for President in 2020 but then caught himself and backtracked.



According to the BBC

The former vice-president made the slip while addressing 1,000 Democrats at a dinner in his home state of Delaware.

He said his record was the most progressive “of anyone running for the United-” before correcting himself and saying, “anybody who would run”.

The audience stood up and chanted “run Joe run”, while Mr Biden crossed himself and said, “I didn’t mean it!”

Addressing party brokers and leaders in the city of Dover, Mr Biden, 76, said that it was time to restore the country’s “backbone”, but that they needed political consensus to move beyond what he called today’s “mean”, “petty” and “vicious” political landscape.

Just a couple of simple observations here.

Biden is a progressive in every sense of the word. The problem here is, his party has moved so far past his default position of progressivism he looks ancient. Plus, he is 76 so he is kinda ancient in both human and dog years.


Biden and Bernie Sanders are roughly the same age, so the ideological energy and political connections to raise money rest with two old white guys who would both turn 80 as President if either of them were to get the nomination.

How very GOP of you fellas.

Also, the pick for V.P. would rival the college admissions scandal currently ongoing being that person would have a 50/50 shot at becoming the 47 POTUS before 2024.

So even though Uncle Joe just dipped his toe in the 2020 primary water, let’s encourage him to do the full dive in.

I can’t wait.

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