Humanitarian Aid DESTROYED By Socialist Venezuelan Leader Maduro

There is a humanitarian crisis occurring in real time in our southern hemisphere in Venezuela. On Saturday, Feb 23 aid to the struggling people of Venezuela was stopped and in some cases firebombed by forces of socialist dictator President Nicolas Maduro.


According to Business insider

Political and economic crisis have brought Venezuela to the brink of chaos.

Violence and protests have erupted in the country over shipments of humanitarian aid that have been stopped at the border.

As tensions reach a fever pitch over basic resources such as food and medicine, it appears like the country is teetering on the edge of crisis

According to reports almost 200 metric tons of emergency food and medicine was organized by opposition leader Juan Guaidó who last month declared himself the victor on the countries national election. That forces led by Maduro would stop these shipments going into a country in desperate need is a crisis that not need happen.

Let the supplies through.

Once again, socialism never works at providing your best life, it just helps spread misery so everyone will be equally destitute. The United States must never go this route.

More on this story as it develops but in the meantime please pray for those in a country not all that far from us.

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