Who Knew? NBC Has A 400 Million Dollar Investment In Buzzfeed.

Conflict of interest? What conflict of interest?

Who knew that Buzzfeed and the peacock network, NBC, had a cozy relationship to the tune of about 400 million dollars? Not many it seems.


After a weekend where the kindest thing you can say about the press is that they “messed” all over themselves like a brand new puppy after Muller corrected Buzzfeed and kids with MAGA hats at the March for Life were vilified for smiling, comes this lil nugget from Fox News.

NBCUniversal invested $400 million in BuzzFeed and the two companies have a “strategic partnership,” raising eyebrows about why the Peacock Network isn’t more transparent when covering the controversial website.

NBC News and MSNBC fawned over BuzzFeed’s now-debunked report claiming President Trump directed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress before the office of the special counsel released its rare statement.

A search of transcripts from both MSNBC and NBC News didn’t turn up any mention of the investment when the news organization covered BuzzFeed’s discredited bombshell. While transcripts aren’t always 100 percent accurate, it’s clear the relationship was not disclosed with any consistency.

I have to admit that I’m a lil shocked by this. You are telling me that the network that employs such news stalwarts such as Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Al Sharpton has not mentioned that have a 400 million dollar coin invested in creators of awesome cat videos??

I’m stumped.

I can’t tell you how many times Shepard Smith on Fox News will mention that the Wall Street Journal is in bed somehow with Fox News. You can discredit both all you want but at least they acknowledge they are in bed with each other financially.


Yet NBC news on Friday went full throttle crazy on the Buzzfeed story until Muller refuted it and Joe and Mika never told the audience that NBC pretty much owned those Buzzfeed hacks.  Can anyone blame the public for looking at the shoddy reporting over the weekend and then behind the scenes crap likes this and yell #FAKE@#$%.

I didn’t think so.

When you are the network that rigged up an explosive for a Dateline story to make it snazzy for T.V. and had to demote your evening anchor for lying about his war reporting experience you might want to try and lift the bar for yourself.

If not, just hire back Keith Olbermann and tank the whole network news division. That would be at least entertaining and honest for everyone to watch.

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