Minutes After Sen. Collins Says YES, Sen. Manchin Says ME TOO.

Is it Safe To Come Out Now?

Sen. Joe Manchin needs to borrow some testosterone from Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Moments (I literally mean MOMENTS) after Sen. Susan Collins had announced on the floor of the Senate that she would be voting yes to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court BREAKING: Susan Collins Announces She Will Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh, Manchin somehow found his voice.


He is voting yes also.

Sign this guy up for a “Profiles In Courage” award wuss edition.

This is simply a cowardly political move.

Now that Collins is the 49th vote ( as long as Sen. Flake doesn’t fold) it looks as if Kavanaugh will be confirmed tomorrow. Manchin waiting until Sen. Collins announced her decision is just to play it safe with the folks back home who voted for Donald Trump by over 30 points in 2016.

Why the delay Joe?

According to FiveThirtyEight, you are up by 12 points against your challenger. If you were going to do a yes vote you could have taken the spotlight away from Sen. Collins and announced it BEFORE her speech.


Maybe he was worried about getting “Flaked” as we shall now call it when you get yelled at in an elevator. Toughen up buttercup, you live in a state with tough, hardworking people.


Lead, don’t follow.

Maybe next time a really tough vote comes up you won’t just wait until someone else gives you political cover and follow that person up yelling #MeTOO.

West Virginia deserves better than that.

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