Breaking...Senator Grassley Calls for a Kavanaugh Vote for Monday

This is turning into an interesting game of political chess.

After a back and forth with the legal team of Professor Ford and the Senate Judiciary Committee, it sounds like the Chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, has had enough. Instead of doing a drag out delay as the Dems have called for, Grassley just announced this according to The Hill


Grassley said in a statement Friday that he is giving Ford’s lawyers until 10 p.m. on Friday to respond to the GOP request for her to testify on Wednesday. If they do not, or if Ford declines to testify, Grassley said the Judiciary Committee will vote Monday on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“I’m providing a notice of a vote to occur Monday in the event that Dr. Ford’s attorneys don’t respond or Dr. Ford decides not to testify. In the event that we can come to a reasonable resolution as I’ve been seeking all week, then I will postpone the committee vote to accommodate her testimony. We cannot continue to delay,” Grassley said in a statement.

The announcement comes after lawyers for Ford and Judiciary Committee staffers struggled to reach an agreement on holding a hearing.

Lawyers for Ford said Thursday that she would not testify during the public hearing that Senate Republicans had set for Monday.


So the ball is in the court of those who keep changing the rules. Let’s see what 10 pm tonight brings.

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