Marco Rubio Defends Trump Administration on Puerto Rico Hurricane Response

Marco Rubio has Donald Trump’s back on the run-up to Hurricane Florence hitting the east coast.

Trump has been taking flack since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico last year on the federal government’s response. He has consistently defended it and angered critics even more. According to USA Today


On a visit to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the Sept. 20, 2017, storm, Trump tossed paper towels to Puerto Rican residents at a local relief center, angering storm victims and others who saw his actions as insensitive.

Democrats excoriated Trump over his tweet saying that his administration “got A-pluses” for previous hurricane work in Texas and Florida and “did an unappreciated great job” with Puerto Rico.

The whole situation in Puerto Rico was a disaster.

Yet President Trump found an ally in his former primary opponent Senator Marco Rubio from Florida on Wednesday.


Senator Rubio’s tweets are backed by the responses that both Florida and Texas had last year when hurricanes slammed into those states also. The Federal, State and local governments worked together to get things back up as soon as possible for the residents. That was not the case in Puerto Rico.

Politics can make strange bedfellows and so can hurricanes.


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