BaseBRAWL, Mario and Rod Get the BOOT for Rest of the Tigers Season


You think your city is tough? In Detroit, our baseball announcers fight over the “good chair”

In what can only be described as “embarrassing beyond belief,” Fox Sports Detroit on Friday pulled regular Detroit Tigers broadcasters Mario Impemba and Rod Allen for the rest of the Tigers season.


Why did they do this?

Mario and Rod got into a bit of a scuffle after the Tuesday night game allegedly over a chair. According to some reports Rod grabbed Mario from behind not to hug him but choke him.

Must be a comfy chair.

According to Fox 2 Detroit:

The Detroit Tigers broadcasting partners who got into an alleged fight Tuesday will not be scheduled for any future telecasts this season, according to Fox Sports Detroit.

Analyst Rod Allen and play-by-play announcer Mario Impemba reportedly engaged in a physical altercation after the White Sox game in Chicago on Tuesday night.

Fox Sports Detroit, which carries the games for the Tigers and is the employer for both, tweeted this a short time ago:

Rod Allen’s attorney late Thursday night denied that Allen had choked Impemba or acted unprofessionally. Allen himself tweeted this to refute the story:


So Tiger fans are now left without the two announcers that have been together for 17 years broadcasting games. This has not been an easy season for the fans of the ole English D and the season can’t come to an end soon enough I would imagine for everyone involved.

However, there is a lighthearted side to this.

The Rod and Mario jokes on chairs can now begin and this will help ease the pain of an otherwise forgettable season.

Also, I’m available for sub work on the baseball side. I have always wanted to yell LONG GONE for a Tigers home run and I won’t fight over the chairs.


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