Run Joe Run, Biden Considers 2020 Run for The White House

I'm Going To Borrow That Slogan From YOU
I’m Back Baby. Sorta.

The coolest kid from Scranton, Pennsylvania is about to make a decision that could alter political history in the United States and make late night talk show hosts drool.


Fresh off of his highly praised eulogy to his friend Sen. John McCain in Phoenix last week, the former V.P. to the guy that cleaned McCain’s clock in the 2008 election is thinking about making a run for the highest office in the land.

That would set him against the person currently holding that office — Donald Trump. Can you FEEL the excitement?

According to the A.P. via Fox 2 Detroit

Biden is in regular talks with a small team of longtime friends and advisers. He also talks to potential donors and longtime staff about the possibility of another campaign. However, he has also signaled to them they are free to ally with other prospective candidates, as he eyes a January timeframe for deciding on whether to run, according to three people familiar with Biden’s thinking who spoke to The Associated Press about his plans on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss private conversations.

That leaves Biden for the next two months as one of his party’s most sought-after 2018 campaign headliners. He plans to make multiple campaign stops a week this fall for Democratic candidates, according to people familiar with the plans.

“As the vice president has said many times himself, he is focused on electing as many Democrats as possible all across the country and on encouraging people to get out and vote this fall,” Biden adviser Kate Bedingfield said. “That’s the focus of his energy right now.”


I don’t know who Joe Biden is talking to but I am making a public plea: MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Trump vs. Hillary was all Trump. Hillary was a walking talking point and she is horrible at that. (You would think all those of years of pretending to like Bill she would have picked up a couple things.)

Now if Biden gets the nomination we will have a true verbal gunfight at the O.K Corral. Biden is anything but polished. He is a walking gaffe machine and Trump just pops off whatever comes into his head. The debates would be the hottest ticket in town and we might be able to knock off half the national debt selling tickets to these.

Let’s face it, America deserves this after the past 3 years.

Make America Laugh Again Joe.

Run in 2020 #JustDoIt


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