OUCH. Nancy Pelosi Calls Potential Challenger Tim Ryan “Inconsequential”

You Amuse Me Earthling

Maybe the minority leader of the House of Representatives got her Ryan boys mixed up and thought she was talking about Paul Ryan and not Tim?



In a lengthy Q & A with Rolling Stone (Which I suggest you read), when asked about Tim Ryan from Ohio, who ran against her for Leader in 2016, and Seth Moulton’s calling for new leadership, she said they were…

Inconsequential. They don’t have a following in our caucus. None.

I’m guessing these fellas are NOT on Nancy’s CHRISTmas card list. I mean, if she still believes in CHRISTmas.

Mr. Tim (Inconsequential) Ryan, though, does not seem deterred. He might be running against Pelosi again in the next Congress. According to Politico

Rep. Tim Ryan is considering taking on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi again in November despite previously ruling out the idea — the latest turn in the caucus-wide chaos unleashed by Rep. Joe Crowley’s shocking primary loss last month.

Ryan, who won one-third of the caucus’ backing in a long-shot bid following the 2016 election, would be the first challenger to emerge against Pelosi in the post-Crowley world. Crowley, the No. 4 House Democrat defeated by progressive insurgent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was seen by many in the caucus as Pelosi’s heir apparent.

“The Crowley race changed a lot for a lot of us,” Ryan (D-Ohio) said in an interview Monday. “There was a lot of assumption that he was going to be moving forward in leadership, and so losing that election put everybody in a state of mind to reevaluate what was happening.”


As mentioned above, now that Rep Joe Crowley was defeated by a flat-out, wide-eyed socialist by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the New York Democratic primary, and amidst news yesterday that California Dems endorsed Kevin de León (California Democrat Party Rejects Dianne Feinstein And Embraces Socialism), things are looking really crazy for the Dems.

Normally, someone who is entrenched and a proven money maker like Pelosi would be 100% untouchable in her caucus. Yet if the fringe on both coasts are knocking off established insiders, maybe the middle-of-the-road types in the party will have to rise up to stop them.

If they can.

Even if the Democrats do not take back the house in a blue wave it looks like there will be a fight for who will lead the Dems into the next Congress and into the 2020 Presidential election cycle.

Bring your popcorn, this is going to be fun.


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