Rick Perry Forms Federal PAC Ahead of 2016 Presidential Race

At the conservative RedState Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced that he is forming, “RickPAC” a federal PAC to influence federal races across the country this fall. Perry, a Republican primary candidate in the 2012 Presidential campaign, has been rumored to be considering another run for the White House in 2016. The founding of this PAC may be a step toward the launch of an official campaign.


The conservative grassroots activists and bloggers first heard from the Texas governor last night at an informal party he hosted in a Fort Worth barbecue restaurant. In that speech Perry whipped up the crowd with his message of state independence and competition. Governor Perry, who has challenged the Obama Administration time and again since the President first took office in 2009, discussed his efforts to help secure the southern border, a region being flooded with refugees from Mexico and Central America.

The long-time Texas Governor has been notorious for recruiting jobs away from other states as he has convinced companies to relocate from places such as California, for the Lone Star State, where he has produced an environment of low taxes, reduced state regulations and a legal climate hostile to trial lawyers.

RedState Editor Erick Erickson noted in his introduction of Governor Perry before the crowd on Thursday night, that there were two leaders in this country, one seeking to secure the border, and one seeking to secure his next tee time.

The Perry PAC announced today is reminiscent of “SarahPAC” founded by Sarah Palin, the failed Republican Vice Presidential candidate from 2008. With the founding of this committee Perry will be able to spend money in key House and Senate campaigns, growing his national profile and increasing his influence within the Republican party. A former head of the Republican Governors Association, Perry was legendary for his fundraising efforts for the group and helped the RGA win many important gubernatorial races in 2010.


As Republicans seek to retake the U.S. Senate from Democrats this fall, Perry’s money and support in high-profile races could gain him favor with future House and Senate members. Support that could be useful in a 2016 primary campaign should the Governor decide to throw his hat in the ring.

Also scheduled to speak before the RedState Gathering is another potential 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. A darling of the Tea Party movement and a rebel within his own party, Cruz will address the conservative grassroots and bloggers on Friday evening before hosting a party and a Fort Worth Tex-Mex restaurant.

Correction: A previous version of this article listed RickPAC as a SuperPAC which was incorrect. It is a standard federal PAC.


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