Duck Dynasty Goes to Washington?

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson is being eyed as a candidate for Congress in the Bayou state. Millions have watched his antics on the show, but could Robertson turn that into votes in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District?


Current seat holder Rodney Alexander is retiring to take a job in Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration leaving his Congressional seat open and prompting a special election set for October 19th. With such a tight timeframe, both parties might turn to candidates who can self finance. That brings us to Willie Robertson.

As CEO of Duck Commander, star of A&E’s wildly successful Duck Dynasty show and author of several books, Robertson is worth millions, money he could use to quickly fund a campaign. But could GOP party leaders convince America’s favorite “Redneck Millionaire” to give up his lucrative business and run for Congress? Perhaps not.

GOP officials said while there is an interest in getting Robertson to run, they doubted that they can get him to leave his TV and CEO perch. Others said that Washington is often too fast to reach out to celebrities because they often turn out to be poor candidates.

“Yup, I think it is a D.C. thing right now,” said a GOP official, who added, “Why would a multi-millionaire, TV sensation give up that work to run for a congressional seat?”

Celebrities have surfaced as potential candidates, but most don’t end up running and those who do tend to run terrible campaigns. However, we have seen two 80’s action stars get elected Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura in recent years, and who can forget a certain former actor who became one of the greatest Presidents in our nation’s history, Ronald Reagan.


If the duck commander opts not to run, Roll Call reports that State Senator Neil Riser and Congressman Alexander’s chief of staff, Adam Terry are already exploring a campaign for the 5th Congressional District.

Personally, I would love to see Congressman Willie Robertson. Imagine how fun that season of Duck Dynasty would be! “Duck Dynasty Goes to Washington.” Can you imagine Willie’s uncle Si roaming the halls of the Capitol with his long scraggly beard and drinking out of his ancient tupperware cup saying, “Hey Jack!” to Members of Congress he encounters? It would make for fantastic television. Of course, Willie may have to take off time from Washington to head back to Louisiana for duck season. Then again, doesn’t that just become “spending time with your constituents?”

Here’s to Congressman Willie Robertson!


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