Elon Musk Says Allegations He Is Antisemitic Are 'Bogus'

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Elon Musk is hitting back at critics -- mainly left-wing media types and others who hate that he now owns X/Twitter -- who have been trying to paint him as antisemitic. Taking to X on Sunday, Musk said of the allegations made against him: "Nothing could be further from the truth. I wish only the best for humanity and a prosperous and exciting future for all."


At issue is a tweet from last week, on which RedState reported:

When a user posted, "Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them," Musk responded, "You have said the actual truth." This led to a firestorm of criticism being unleashed on Musk, with many calling him antisemitic for this exchange.

Among those absolutely losing their minds over this was Keith Olbermann. He went on yet another unhinged rant with the usual "Nazi" and "white supremacist" slanders that the left love to trot out when trying to build a narrative without the facts actually being on their side. Olbermann's spit-flying performance piece was indicative of the coordinated effort amongst leftist voices to paint Musk as an antisemite, with the goal, of course, being to make X/Twitter their playground once again.

Musk was having none of that and hit back, clearly not cowed by those who'd seek to oust him.


The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew with an expansive knowledge of Israel and the global Jewish ecosystem, came to Musk's defense and offered a detailed explanation of Musk's original tweet. The issue, said Shapiro, was that the user to whom Musk was responding used the phrase "Jewish communities" to incorrectly describe Jews "en masse." Musk, he explained, was decrying the actions of one particular Jewish organization: The Anti-Defamation League

It's worth a watch.

The money quote from Shapiro in explaining Musk's disgust of the ADL was this: "There are a lot of liberal Jewish organizations that supported a lot of the same policies that have now imported a lot of people who really hate Jews, and Westerners, into the West." It's the same drum that many in the U.S. and Europe have been beating since the October 7 massacre of Israelis by Hamas terrorists, namely that the enemy is already here. And organizations like the ADL held the door open for them to come into Western society.


Ironically, many companies that share the ADL's embrace of DEI and open-door policies are now pitching a hissy fit and vowing to no longer advertise on X/Twitter. We're talking about the likes of Apple, Disney, and Warner Brothers. The usual suspects. They don't despise antisemitism and they don't think Elon Musk is an antisemite; they're just looking for a reason -- any reason -- to remove X/Twitter from Musk's hands. Musk's crime isn't antisemitism, it's that he hasn't completely shut up conservatives and he hasn't fully bought into the left's billionaire's boys club. 


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