The Ugly Face of Antisemitism Is Female

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We can't dance around this issue any longer: When it comes to antisemitism in the Western world, the face is wretchedly ugly and, in large part, female. It starts in the halls of Congress and oozes its insidious way onto college campuses and fills city streets. Too many women loathe Jews and support Hamas, and they need to be shamed for it. It is ignorant, it is evil ... and it is the antithesis of feminism.


Rashida Tlaib, of course, distinguishes herself when it comes to Jew hatred; her smug face is the very embodiment of the dangerous "From the river to sea" slur that calls for the extermination of Israel and its Jewish citizens. Yes, she was finally censured for her hatred, but she's still there in Congress, and it seems like only a matter of time before she's running through its halls screaming, "Allahu Akbar!" You know she would do it, if she thought she could get away with it. 

Tlaib is a known enemy of our country, but it would be foolish to think she and her fellow Hamas Caucus members are just part of a small minority of women pushing the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel rhetoric. We've seen all-too-many instances in recent weeks of women, mini-Tlaibs whose faces are twisted with self-righteous rage, tearing down posters of Israeli hostages -- many of whom are young women who, in a different life, might be their friends -- and chanting loudly at pro-Hamas marches. 

You've seen them all over social media in the weeks since the October 7 massacre in Israel. They are self-righteously indignant. They are proud of being caught red-handed. They, in all likelihood, have no idea why they're doing what they're doing, and they probably don't care.


They are ugly, and that's not a reflection on their physical attributes. They look a lot like this:

Sometimes they have male accomplices with them, spineless cretins who know it's better to go along with the defacement or face a lifetime of being called a genocide-loving racist. Self-awareness isn't big among this crowd. 

When you watch the videos, it's obvious that the real venom is coming from the women. This is nothing new. For decades, young women have marched off to college in search of an education and returned as radicalized militants. They may dress in the latest fashion trends and look harmless, but the anti-Western beliefs they embraced eventually come out. You need not look any further than this past week's TikTok trend of praising Osama bin Laden. What do those pushing this nonsense have in common? They are young. They are female. They are brutally ignorant.

Similarly, many recent college demonstrations and building takeovers are chock-full of bemasked, keffiyeh-wearing women chanting slurs against Jews and advocating for the decimation of the Jewish state. Israel isn't really the main target of their hatred, of course; Israel is just a proxy for the United States and Western ideals. You know, those same ideals that empower women to be anything they want to be, and societies where miscreants like Rashida Tlaib are enabled to hold public office? A fact clearly lost on those women who would rather bathe in their rage.


Perhaps the most enraging failure of Western "feminists" involves their very apparent lack of public outrage about the murders and rapes of Israeli women at the hands of Hamas terrorists. For goodness sake, Shani Louk's dead body was paraded through the streets being desecrated by Muslim men, and that didn't elicit a peep of outrage from "feminist icons."

In an effort to call attention to the atrocities visited upon Israeli women that day in October, an Israeli group put out a parody video showing an Israeli rape victim going to an international women's group for help. She gets turned away when it's revealed she was assaulted at the Nova music festival. The video is meant to show the absurd double standard, which it does, but there's nothing funny about it all. 

As if on cue, a sexual assault center in Canada publicly signed on to an open letter that denies Israeli women were raped by Hamas. The left are nothing if not predictable. 

The so-called "feminist" leaders of the world reveal their true colors with their silence and, through that silence, perpetuate their own Big Lie: That Americans and Westerners, particularly women, have any business at all advocating for Hamas and cheering for the destruction of Israel. And, yes, advocating for "Palestine" is advocating for Hamas. You need only to look at "then and now" photos of Iranian women, who used to enjoy the freedoms of Western women -- to know what Hamas and its ilk have in store for the TikTok cupcakes fangirling over Osama bin Laden and the sneering street rats ripping down hostage signs.


Why is this happening? Bad parenting, for one; parents, too many of us failed to instill a love of country in our children. College, of course, didn't help. Laziness, for another. It's much easier to tear things down than build things up. In their quest to become "boss babes" without actually doing the hard work of creating something, these college-educated know-nothings take the easy way out and seek social status by turning on their own. 

It's sad to see so many young women go down this route. Sadder even that they have no idea those for whom they advocate would like nothing better than to see all Western women treated like Shani Louk was treated. 

Shame on them all.


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