Fetterman's Loyalty to Israel Is Starting to Tick Off His Fellow Democrats

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It's not often that Sen. John Fetterman is praised on these pages for his political clarity, but credit where it is due: He's become the moral backbone of the Democrat Party when it comes to Israel. And it seems to be ticking off all the right people, so that makes it even better.


But, it comes at a cost. 

There are reports out today that many of Fetterman's fellow Democrats are growing weary of his staunch support for Israel in the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack. As RedState's Jeff Charles previously reported, Fetterman has a take-no-prisoners approach to the matter, having tweeted:

"It’s truly disturbing that Members of Congress rushed to blame Israel for the hospital tragedy in Gaza.  Who would take the word of a group that just massacred innocent Israeli civilians over our key ally?"

Followed up by:

"I will always stand with Israel and look forward to supporting any military, intelligence, or humanitarian aid to get the job done."

Something that hasn't gotten much coverage from the media is that Fetterman has plastered the walls outside his Senate office with posters of the Israeli citizens who were kidnapped by Hamas and are still being held hostage in Gaza nearly four weeks later. This is a fairly bold move considering some of his Democrat colleagues proudly display terrorist flags outside their congressional offices.


Fetterman has also met with several families of the hostages, vowing to continue to "display every last one of the innocent Israelis kidnapped by Hamas until they are safely returned home. We won't stop sharing their stories until then."

Some of the senator's allies have had it with his pro-Israel stance. One, Cecily Harwitt, an organizer who supported Fetterman during his senate run last year but is now leading protests against him, told NBC News that she and others are turning on him “because his entire brand and persona is standing up for oppressed people.”

She added:

“A lot of other senators haven’t lived their whole life by that value. So it’s just that much more disappointing that he’s coming out, saying we can’t talk about a cease-fire [and] essentially writing a blank check to Israel to do whatever it wants."

Other critics claim Fetterman is just playing politics and doesn't truly hold such a strong affection for Israel.

“I don’t think this is a sincerely held belief by the senator or his staff,” said Waleed Shahid, a progressive strategist. “And I don’t even think Fetterman is alone in that … I think a majority of Democrats in Congress fear the electoral and political consequences from groups like (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and (Democratic Majority for Israel) if they were to offer even a little bit of criticism of the Israeli government.”


It, of course, remains to be seen if Fetterman will remain unwavering in his commitment to Israel. The senator will have to deal with both an upcoming vote on an aid package and an increase in antisemitic, anti-Israel sentiment cropping up in his home state of Pennsylvania and amongst some of the loudest wings of his party.


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