Sen. Fetterman Takes No Prisoners in Brutal Takedown of Democrats Bashing Israel

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The Democratic Party has found itself at odds over the war between Israel and Hamas. While many supported the Jewish state after Hamas launched a devastating assault on October 7, others began to turn on Israel after it began fighting back.


Several prominent Democrats have condemned Israel as it seeks to annihilate Hamas. But Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) has voiced strong support for the country and even lashed out at some of his left-leaning colleagues for going easy on the terrorist group while constantly bashing Israel.

On Wednesday, Fetterman took to social media to express disdain for those rushing to “take the word of Hamas” related to the tragic explosion at a hospital in Gaza City. The incident was promptly blamed on Israel by Democrats and left-wing media. But later, it was revealed that the explosion was likely the result of a misfired rocket coming from Palestinian territory.

Fetterman also repudiated those calling for a ceasefire after Israel launched its counterattack, arguing that this would be more appropriate after “Hamas is neutralized.”


While the senator did not name the Democrats he was criticizing by name, members of “The Squad,” such as Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), have been using their platforms to constantly attack Israel while giving little mention of Hamas. Both repeated the debunked claim about the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) bombing the hospital in Gaza. Omar later walked back her comments after it was revealed that they were not true.

Tlaib, however, doubled down, repeating the claim during a Wednesday rally near the U.S. Capitol building, calling on President Joe Biden to “wake up” to what she called a “genocide” against the Palestinian people.

U.S. intelligence and the IDF have presented evidence, which included multiple videos and cell phone recordings indicating that Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired the rocket, which had fallen short and destroyed the hospital’s parking lot, not the hospital itself. Hamas originally claimed Israel had killed 500 people in the explosion, but now, recent revelations have cast doubt on the terrorist organization’s claims.

Tlaib and Omar engaged in perpetuating blatant misinformation and disinformation. As high-profile government officials, their willingness to repeat lies could be dangerous in that they worked to deceive the American people into casting blame on Israel. Fetterman’s comments about his colleagues might not be as popular in progressive circles, but they do underscore the need for government officials to refrain from giving incendiary opinions on new developments before all the facts have emerged.


But, if we’re being honest about this, people like Tlaib are not concerned with the truth. She will continue parroting the lie as long as she believes it advances her agenda. There will always be plenty of criticism to go around in this conflict. But it should be based on truth, not on politically-motivated lies.



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