Virginia AG Jason Miyares Is the Real Deal, and a Real Threat to Democrats

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Let me start off by noting that I am a parent in Loudoun County, Virginia, so my views on the commonwealth’s firebrand attorney general, Jason Miyares, come along with a heart full of glee that accountability has finally arrived in the Old Dominion. Miyares’ accomplishments stand on their own, of course, but I am one of countless parents that have endured years of activist school boards, teachers’ unions, and public school officials shoving their radical leftist agendas down our throats, so Jason Miyares riding in on a white horse is a very welcome sight.

So, who exactly is Jason Miyares? He’s relatively new to the scene, but RedState has covered him here, here, and here. He’s the son of a Cuban immigrant mother who taught him a love for freedom and democracy, noting to him that America is the “last best hope on earth.” I grew up going to Catholic school with several families that had fled Cuba and I was always amazed at how devoted they were to everything in their lives — God, family, country, friends, community. Perhaps an over-generalization, but my Cuban-American friends could definitely be counted on to be steadfast in their beliefs. It sounds like Jason Miyares was raised the same way.

Miyares is a lawyer by trade and was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2015 to represent the Virginia Beach area. He was voted into statewide office back in 2021, when Glenn Youngkin seized upon the virulent anti-parent sentiment of Democrats to crush Terry McAuliffe and win the governor’s race. Miyares ran on a similar platform of parental rights and accountability for school systems, like mine here in LoCo, that prioritized woke agendas over student success and safety. In addition to being a rock-solid conservative, he is the first Cuban American to be elected to the General Assembly, the first Hispanic elected statewide in Virginia, and the first son of an immigrant ever elected to be Attorney General. These are the kind of impeccable credentials that drive the left mad.

I think of Jason Miyares as part Ron DeSantis, part Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli was our state’s AG back in the Bob McDonnell administration (2009-2013). Cooch, as he apparently likes to be called, was a strong conservative and devout Catholic who was committed to stopping human trafficking in the state and went on to become the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security under Donald Trump. DeSantis is the gold standard for governing as a Republican — picking the right battles, being dogged in the pursuit of good policy and justice, and never, ever bending a knee to the rage mob. DeSantis + Cuccinelli isn’t a half-bad combination, in my opinion.

Since taking office, Miyares has made good on a whole host of campaign promises and used the authority of his office to target human trafficking, the opioid crisis, anti-semitism, election fraud, and, of course, school systems run amok. Here in Loudoun County, our former superintendent, Scott Ziegler, has been charged with three misdemeanors in relation to two sexual assaults, committed by one student, that occurred on school property during his watch. One of his deputies has been charged with a felony count of perjury. It’s the kind of accountability we parents were praying for back in 2020 and 2021 when Ziegler and his school board minions tried to make us the bad guys, even as they committed malfeasance against our kids in the form of masks, distance learning, and CRT-focused curricula. Miyares vowed to investigate LoCo, followed through on that vow, and is bringing much-needed justice and accountability.

Miyares’ most recent investigation revolves around Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in my former home of Fairfax County. TJ has long been the coveted high school for high-achieving pupils from around the region looking for a rigorous course of study. Woke administrators, however, put “equity” ahead of achievement and rejected qualified applicants, mostly of Asian descent, in favor of lower-performing minority students. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve been outed as having withheld announcing merit awards in order to avoid hurting the feelings of non-winning students. There are very real consequences to these actions since the winners, in many cases, weren’t able to include the prestigious award on their college applications because, well, their education overlords cared more about avoiding hurt feelings than they did about helping their highest achievers.

Thankfully, our attorney general sees these educators for the garbage administrators they are:

“It’s concerning that multiple schools throughout Fairfax County withheld merit awards from students ,” Miyares said in a statement. “My office will investigate the entire Fairfax County Public Schools system to find out if any students were discriminated against and if their rights were violated.”

Jason Miyares’ star is on the rise, and those who care about the health of the Republican Party should keep their eye on him. He’s got the guts and morals the GOP needs to win important fights that translate into important votes on Election Day. As he and Ron DeSantis show, the really good stuff is happening in the states and the goal now needs to be determining how to replicate those successes on a national level.


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