Kellyanne Conway's Dinner With Andrew Cuomo Is Everything We Hate About Politics

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The less cynical among us might look at Kellyanne Conway dining with disgraced, disgusting Andrew Cuomo as a good thing. Two politicos on opposite sides of the aisle sitting down and breaking bread together in the spirit of bipartisanship. Dueling factions calling a truce in the true spirit of Christmas. Cue the sound of a record player scratching vinyl. Nah, this is just yet another sign that politics really boils to one simple truth: It’s not really left vs. right; it’s elites like Kellyanne and Cuomo vs. the rest of us.


Here’s what went down last night in New York City:

Political disagreements were not on the menu at Il Postino on the Upper East Side, where Andrew Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway dined together Monday night.

The disgraced former governor sat with the ex-political adviser for one of his biggest rivals — former President Donald Trump.

Cuomo, a Democrat, and Conway, a Republican, were photographed leaving the Italian restaurant on 61st Street after 10 p.m.

The former gov did not comment on the relevance of the dinner as he got into his car.

He waved to Conway as they parted ways.

Let’s get past the obvious: This meeting was between two people desperate to remain relevant. Andrew Cuomo is a deeply unlikeable, unsympathetic figure who used his power to sexually harass women and used his authority as governor of New York to send thousands of elderly to their deaths in state nursing homes. For her part, Kellyanne Conway is inextricably tied to Donald Trump — both the good and the bad. She definitely helped to breathe new life into Trump’s campaign back in 2016, but four years spent being an apologist for any politician leads to typecasting.

Two years ago, both Conway and Cuomo were at the highest reaches of political power, but last night’s dinner could be seen as a has-beens support group of sorts. It’s also a glimpse into the DC-NYC power corridor’s worst-kept secret: They’re all part of one, big, incestuous family. They are the elites and they party together, dine together, vacation together. Their kids go to school together and they sometimes marry each other. Your creds aren’t based on your party affiliation, but, instead, on your ability to get and retain power. And that’s likely why Conway and Cuomo dined together, each hoping for a heaping, steaming portion of quid pro quo to boost their careers.


Maybe Kellyanne Conway was hoping news of the dinner would be a great, big middle finger to her estranged husband, George, an obnoxious Never Trumper who helped found the odious Lincoln Project. You can’t blame her for wanting to send a message to the man who enjoyed/enjoys publicly embarrassing her. But you certainly can blame her for her choice of dining partner. Andrew Cuomo is a vile piece of human excrement who, rightfully, should be locked up for his transgressions. He’s a sexual predator in the mold of Bill Clinton before him; he’s a danger to women. He’s clearly a danger to the elderly, whom he sent in droves into unsafe nursing homes during the height of COVID, while hospital ships moored in New York Harbor remained empty.

It would be one thing if Andrew Cuomo had apologized for the wrongs he committed and did some sort of penance for his sins, but being a Democrat means never having to apologize. It was abysmally stupid of Kellyanne Conway to have dinner with him, leaving the restaurant with coy smiles and friendly waves, reeking of desperation. So much for sticking to your conservative principles, Kellyanne. Way to stick up for the women who were abused by your best pal. Way to hold this abominable turd accountable for his nursing home catastrophe. What does all that matter when your personal success and fortunes are at stake, right?

We knew Andrew Cuomo had no morals, he lives that out every day of his life. His desperate alliance with Kellyanne Conway, however, casts her in a very bad light and is the perfect illustration of how “power over principles” is the mantra that drives both our Democrat and Republican overlords. Let’s never forget that it’s “them vs. us” and there are way more of us.



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