The Results Are In: Dems Wasted Gobs of Cash on Losers Beto and Stacey

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The biggest winner last night wasn’t John Fetterman or Joe Biden or even Ron DeSantis. No, the true winner was the Democrats’ fundraising platform, ActBlue, which processes all donations for their candidates, from presidential races to city council contests.


According to ActBlue’s website, they are “the go-to place for progressive fundraising, and donors love to store their information with us because they can give to all their favorite candidates and organizations with just a single click.” Easy peasy.

And it’s precisely because they are the go-to donation processor for the Dems that makes them last night’s biggest winner, taking 3.95% of every donation to Democrats. That’s a significant amount, especially when considering the insane amounts of cash the party spent on two of its weakest candidates, Beto O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Democrats spent nearly $200 million on perennial losers Beto O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams—money that failed to make their gubernatorial races against Republican incumbents competitive.

A quick calculation tells us that ActBlue made a cool $7.9 million off the gobs of cash the Dems threw at subpar candidates Beto and Stacey.

For some inexplicable reason, the party decided a gun control-loving goober who made seriously awkward Tik Tok dance videos was governor material in Texas. They threw over $77 million his way.


And then there’s Stacey Abrams, who recently advocated for abortion as the best way for families to fight inflation. According to the Free Beacon, she raised a whopping $100 million:

Abrams’s and O’Rourke’s eye-popping fundraising hauls came despite their status as high-profile losers. Abrams lost to Kemp by roughly 1.5 points in 2018, a loss she refused to concede and portrayed as “stolen” and “rigged.” O’Rourke, who has said he was “just born to be in” politics, similarly lost to Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) by 2 points in 2018. O’Rourke raised $80 million in that race, which was at the time the highest amount ever raised for a U.S. Senate campaign.

The true story here isn’t ActBlue, of course, but the hypocrisy of the left, who love nothing more than to chastise others when they dare to put their money toward their own self-interests. Remember when Elon Musk first bought Twitter and the left was simply distraught that he spent $44 billion of his own money to expand his empire rather than ending world hunger? Despite the fact that Musk paid over $11 million in taxes in 2021, thus funding the Democrats’ favorite charity of all: the federal government.


When it comes to their own money, Democrats prefer to splurge on media darlings who dazzle the base with their inane leftist rantings, but ultimately fail to connect with voters as a whole. Wouldn’t the cash they blew on Beto and Stacey be better spent solving world hunger? It’s a question that must be asked.

The GOP should heed the lesson learned on both sides of the aisle last night: the loudest sound bit doesn’t always resonate the best. Beto O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams were always joke candidates, but Democrats have proven their fundraising prowess and willingness to fill the coffers of the weakest players on their team. Republicans can combat that by running serious races with serious candidates, their donors need to be willing to open their wallets to fund these efforts.

Meanwhile, ActBlue is laughing all the way to the bank.


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