Democrats in Oregon Prove Yet Again They are the Party of Death

A new bill is about to arrive on the desk of Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown. The bill requires all insurers in the state to provide free abortions to their customers, including customers who happen to be illegal immigrants.


The liberal utopia of Oregon already has one of the most permissive abortion cultures in the United States, allowing women to abort at any stage of pregnancy. Even for sex selection. This soon-t0-be new law seems to be nothing more than a reiteration that the state of Oregon, and the Democrats who rule the state, actively sows a culture of death in order to reap the benefits of the deep pockets of Planned Parenthood.

Ms. Brown, a Democrat, gleefully intends to sign the bill.

“The ability to control our bodies and make informed decisions about health are critical to providing all Oregonians the opportunity to achieve our full potential and live productive, thriving lives,” the Democratic chief executive said in an email. “Attempts to deny access to contraceptives and family planning are an attack on all Oregonians, particularly women of color, low-income and young women.”

It’s important to note that not a single Republican voted for this bill. No, this shameful piece of legislation is the handiwork of the Democrat party. The party, you’ll recall, whose chairman has said they will no longer support pro-life candidates.


Republicans in Oregon are baffled at the need for this new bill. Says Republican state Rep. Mike Nearman, “We don’t need to do this. This is Oregon. There [are] no legal restrictions on anyone’s right to get an abortion. You can get an abortion at any time for any reason. Even sex selection.”

If there is a silver lining in this awful piece of legislation, it’s that religious employers and insurers will be exempt from providing free abortions and contraception. However, the state government will create a new program to ensure women whose health plans don’t cover abortions can get one free of charge if they choose. At any stage of their pregnancy.


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