Is Cosmo Trying To Do Damage Control For ISIS? Or Are They Just That Dumb?

Cripe almighty, this one will have you shaking your head.

The braintrust over at Cosmopolitan decided to write up some feel-good stories in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack. One of the better stories to emerge was the kindness shown by the city’s taxi drivers, many of whom offered free rides to victims and others needing to get away from the scene. Their generosity spilled over into Tuesday, as many of them continued to offer rides at no charge to those in need.


A picture of one such Good Samaritan taxi driver, who happened to be Sikh, was shared on Twitter.

A Cosmo photo editor came across the tweet and asked the account for permission to use it in a story. They were granted permission.


This is the story Cosmo published:


Yeah but no. He’s not Muslim.

They have now corrected their mistake, but what does it say about the leftist rag that they immediately defaulted to this being a Muslim doing good works in Manchester? Are they trying to do damage control for ISIS?

You make the call: evil or just plain stupid?


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