In Epically Stupid Stunt, Sitcom Called "Mom" Makes Huge Donation to Planned Parenthood

What better way to promote a successful TV sitcom about motherhood than by making a huge donation to an organization that celebrates the killing of the preborn and glories in making sure that hundreds of thousands of women each year do not become … well … a mom? That’s exactly what the folks behind the CBS show “Mom” must’ve been thinking when they announced their $250,000 donation to Planned Parenthood.

The self-congratulatory pair of show creator Chuck Lorre and one its stars, Allison Janney, appeared yesterday on CBS’ Morning Show. When asked by co-host Gayle King what the show planned to do with its budget traditionally used to campaign for Emmy nominations, Lorre responded:

“When we discussed with Warner Brothers … what our Emmy campaign might be,” Lorre responded, “I blurted out ‘Let’s give the money to Planned Parenthood!’ and they took me seriously.”

Oh, how very trendy and topical of them. Janney spoke in a very hushed tone, undoubtedly to emphasize what she feels is the graveness of the situation because, as she notes, “Planned Parenthood is such an important organization that helps gives health services to millions of women and families. It’s in danger of – the House of Representatives voted to defund it.”

She continued:

“It makes sense,” Janney, who was wearing a Planned Parenthood shirt and pin, chimed in. “Our show is all about women and we don’t shy away from dealing with all issues that affect women and families.”

Oh, sure you do. All those storylines about pro-life women and the children who are lucky enough to escape Planned Parenthood’s lethal form of “health services.” I’m sure “Mom” is all over those kinds of storylines. That Planned Parenthood shirt you’re wearing shows what an open-minder person you are.

As has been noted numerous times, stunts like this just prove how absolutely unnecessary it is for Planned Parenthood to received any federal funding. Not when the deep pockets of Hollywood are willing to fund it to score cheap political points.

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