Youch! Paul Ryan Was Royally Dissed on Fox & Friends

Who knew that a simple morning show baking segment could get so political? I guess when it involves House Speaker Paul Ryan and the girlfriend of a Democrat governor and possible 2020 presidential candidate, fireworks are sure to follow.


Ryan appeared on Fox & Friends yesterday to, presumably, talk all things Republican agenda. When his segment ended, the hosts asked him to stick around to try the cupcakes being prepared in the following segment.

Just one problem. The “celebrity chef” baking said cupcakes was none other than Sandra Lee, longtime girlfriend of New York’s odious Democrat governor, Andrew Cuomo. Lee was having none of it, telling Ryan, “I need you to go away so I can collect my thoughts, prepare, and get ready for the segment.”

“It was very frosty. She simply does not believe in anything Ryan believes in,” the source said.

Ryan remained off-camera during the segment in which show hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade sampled Lee’s menu.

Another source claimed that Doocy brought the House Speaker to the kitchen to sample Lee’s cooking, “and Sandra looked annoyed. She made a dismissive remark and looked away.”


Youch. Real classy, lady.

This is the reality of 2017: Democrats are infantile and sensitive and can act any low class they want, everyone else be damned. Imagine if Paul Ryan had freaked out over the thought that Sandra Lee was in his breathing space? Misogyny! Sexism! War on women!

Also, can we please talk about the fact that Sandra Lee is a poor excuse for a “celebrity chef”? Her schtick is to prepare “semi-homemade” meals, which means, basically, taking a jar of Prego and adding your own spices.

Good on Paul Ryan for acting like a gentleman during Sandra Lee’s tantrum. And shame on Lee, who’s almost 52 years old and far too mature an age to be such a brat.


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