They Do Not Speak For Us

From the diaries.

Smart Girl Politics Action, aided by the very talented Ben Howe of Mister Smith Media, has released a new video, “They Don’t Speak For Us.” Conservative women know the real war against women has nothing to do with contraception and everything to do with the Obama Administration’s failed policies that have resulted in high gas and grocery prices and rampant unemployment. These are the issues facing women every day and the issues women truly care about.


Nancy Pelosi doesn’t speak for us. Sandra Fluke doesn’t speak for us. We speak for ourselves. And we vote, in great numbers.

Tomorrow, the White House will hold a hastily-organized forum on women and the economy, with a stated purpose of highlighting “ways the Administration has helped create economic security for women.” Yes, we laughed, too. Paying upwards of $4.00 per gallon of gas AND milk results in nothing but economic insecurity for American families. Best of all, the White House has created a special Twitter hashtag for this conference, a hashtag ripe for the hijacking. Use #WomenEconForum to let President Obama know how his failed policies have affected you.

You’ll note that the White House, in fine Friday “news dump” tradition, has relegated this forum to Good Friday, a holy day for many. That tells you how much they care about women and the economy. They are hoping we will not pay attention. They are wrong.


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