Two days in Vegas. One Reid Sign.

Two days before the most important race of Harry Reid’s career, we could only find one Harry Reid sign – 60 miles outside of Las Vegas in his hometown of Searchlight, Nevada.


Reid has to rely on paid activists to fake a non-existent grassroots campaign. Under Harry Reid’s rein, unemployment has increased from 4% to almost 15%. Driving around the greater Las Vegas area, there are empty office buildings and vandalized houses that represent the staggering unemployment numbers and desperation of Harry Reid’s constituents.

Meanwhile, Reid lives in the Ritz Carlton in Washington, DC – both figuratively and literally disconnected from the people that are paying his salary – and presumes to know what is best for the people he has a duty to serve.

By contrast, we have seen overwhelming support for Sharron Angle in the form of campaign signs, tireless FreedomWorks volunteers and enthusiastic fist pumps from people passing us on the highway. She is truly a grassroots candidate, and knows who she has to answer to at the end of the day.

Nevada, this is your chance to elect a Senator who understands her job. Sharron Angle knows it is not her place to create more government jobs, but to get out of the way so that the private sector can get Nevada back to work.

Let’s push her over the finish line. There is still time to make phone calls from wherever you are and get voters out to the polls on Tuesday.


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