8/28 Wrap Up

I was lucky enough to attend yesterday’s Restoring Honor rally in Washington DC this weekend. I’ll let other people play the numbers game. I just know it was visually stunning.


It’s amazing to me how many people turn out again and again for these events. It breaks my heart on some level, because a lot of them can’t afford it. They’re just so committed to making our country better, and connecting with other people that are as passionate as they are about faith and freedom. The tone of Washington DC is changed entirely when the crowds come in, and it reminds me that everything we’re doing is worth it. The energy here shifts, and people become more positive, more friendly. They pick up each other’s trash. They hold the door for each other. It’s a lot more pleasant to be in DC on weekends like this.

Here are a few photos I snapped of the event:

There was no violence. There were no riots. We didn’t even litter. So how can they marginalize it? By making it about race. I’ve heard it referred to as “Whitestock”… aren’t Lefties clever? We were obviously there to hate black people. Which is why they made up the majority of the speakers and singers.


Meanwhile, Al Sharpton’s monochromatic rally managed to bring out a small fraction of Beck’s number. If race is all they have to obsess about, then I’m feeling pretty good.

Also check out the Weekly Standard’s write up:

While Beck’s rally emphasized belief in God, Obama’s generally emphasized himself as a savior of the American people.

We have just two weeks until the 9/12 March on DC. It’s time to take the core values discussed at the Beck event and talk about how to make that change happen. Come to Washington. Get fired up. November is coming, and it’s closer then you think. Let’s make it happen.


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