Bennett: So you booted me, but how about I pick my replacement?

Bob Bennett got knocked out of the Utah race before the runoff even happened. Just to put in perspective what a huge win that was for the movement, it had been 70 years since an incumbent had been knocked out of a primary in Utah. That’s what happens when you’re a “Republican” who drafted a health care plan that included an individual mandate, supported TARP, and has a history of stuffing bills with earmarks. We’re done pretending to overlook it because of the R next to your name.


However, Bennett refuses to get out of the way so easily. He wants to have a hand in picking his replacement… and he’s chosen Tim Bridgewater.

Bennett will endorse business consultant Tim Bridgewater (R), according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Bennett joins 2 other candidates in backing Bridgewater, who faces attorney Mike Lee (R) in the June 22 primary.

This could suck for Bridgewater, and I’d be lying if I told you I felt bad about it. Bennett was booed at the Utah convention last month for a reason – he doesn’t deserve to be there. He’s the definition of what conservatives are trying to eliminate, and the fact that he’s jumping on the Bridgewater bandwagon is telling.

I’ll be in Utah with FreedomWorks PAC covering the ground game there during the primary on June 22nd.



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