Conversation about Oklahoma abortion on The View is... well, what you'd expect

The Oklahoma AG recently placed a block on the enforcement of a new state law – one which requires a woman to obtain an ultrasound prior to an abortion. They announced the action on Monday.


Specifically, here is what is required:

The person who performs the ultrasound must describe the dimensions of the fetus, whether arms, legs and internal organs are visible and whether the physician can detect cardiac activity. He or she must also turn a screen depicting the images toward the woman so she can see them.

In other words, the law is designed to give women an understanding of what exactly they are terminating; that there is a body with arms and legs and a heartbeat (now referred to as simply “cardiac activity”).

The ladies on The View weighed in on this yesterday… and it was what should be expected of those women. Some highlights from the conversation:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: A new law in Oklahoma has been temporarily blocked that requires pregnant women to watch a detailed ultrasound and hear a description of the fetus before they can get an abortion. (PAUSES WITH SARCASTIC FACIAL EXPRESSION) Yeah.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: You know, when I heard that, because I’m one, I am, after going through what I went through, I am not for abortion, but I do believe women should have a choice about what they do with their bodies, and so-

JOY BEHAR: You’re not for abortion for yourself anymore.

SHEPHERD: Anymore, anymore. That’s what I’m saying. I went through it because I had abortions, and I know how, what it did to my spirit. But I don’t feel that the government should tell a woman what she should do with her body. Everybody has a choice to make. But hearing this right here, I still feel it’s an invasion to force a woman to hear this, to force a woman to see this.


So now it is an invasion to show women their own body. Which is fascinating if you consider that the Left doesn’t consider it an invasion to, say, tell you how much salt you can take in. But I digress.

Pretending that it’s just some extra tissue and not a life is an absurd way to “help” women make their decision to terminate a life. Sherri Shepard admits in this segment that she “couldn’t deal with” the idea that it was a life inside her when she had multiple abortions, so she chose not to acknowledge that it was a “moving, breathing” baby. Will it make most women’s decision harder? YES. That’s the point.

Whoopi seems to think that all women have thought it through when they go in for the procedure. That is entirely false. Many women are lied to. They are coerced by people in their life. They are scared and feel like they have no other options. Do some understand what they’re doing? Yes. Probably. That is absolutely not the case for all.

Then Whoopi drops a gem:

GOLDBERG: But what difference does it make if you can’t have the baby? What difference does it make if you’re going to bring a baby in and you can’t feed it and you can’t take care of it and then people end up killing their kids? I hate it! (AUDIENCE APPLAUSE)

and later…

GOLDBERG: But why do it, I mean, here’s the first thing that I want to do. I am also pro-life, and I am pro-choice. I’m for the best possible life that you can give your child. And if you end up having to give your child away, which many people do, you know, the guilt of knowing that that kid is out there, or what some people have resorted to doing when they discover they actually can’t deal with it, they do terrible things to their kids. And so I wonder, you know, if it isn’t because they ask you – or they used to ask you – a gazillion questions, they used to make you go home and then come back and decide if you wanted to do it.


So the gist of what she’s saying is that people that don’t have abortions that don’t want kids end up beating and killing them. Joy Behar interjects by inferring that young pro-life women just don’t understand the ramifications – that laws that favor life lead to back alley abortions.

I am a young, pro-life woman. Pro-life is not, as some would have us think, anti-contraception, anti-fertility treatment, and the like. Since in this segment from The View Whoopi claims to be both pro-choice and pro-life I will say the same: your CHOICE as a woman lies in the decisions leading up to your pregnancy. Once you’re sharing your body with another person, they’ve got their own set of rights. It’s a liberty thing – not a choice thing.

So Whoopi, once again, reveals herself as soulless. So I suppose it’s not a baby-baby until it can, what, walk? Talk? If it’s not when there is a beating heart, developing limbs and internal organs, and movement, then when?

God bless Elizabeth Hasselbeck for bringing it home: “Change hearts, not laws.”


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