You Don't Have to Punch Down, You're the President, Man - So ACT LIKE IT!

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He’s a petulant, arrogant man-baby. Don’t look to elevate the conversation beyond garbage talk and mindless blabber. He is incapable.

Still, Fox News host Leland Vittert attempted to play the role of somebody that currently resides in a nation that doesn’t have a slow-witted Manhattan con artist as president. In speaking with Republican National Committee spokeswoman, Kayleigh McEnany, Vittert questioned her as to if Trump attacking former FBI Director James Comey was good form.


For those that missed it, Trump, once again, took what could have been a win for him – the strike on Syria’s chemical weapons bases – and buried it under his feud with Comey.


Comey is due for his first interview Sunday evening, ahead of the Tuesday release of his new book, “A Higher Loyalty.” Trump is so afraid of what’s going to be said tonight, that he’s lashing out.

Vittert brought the unhinged behavior to McEnany’s attention.

“If the standard is behavior befitting the office, and you’re saying it’s not befitting an FBI director to act in the way he’s acted, is it befitting for a president to tweet and call somebody a scumbag?” Vittert asked of Trump’s recent tweet calling Comey a “slimeball.”

It’s not behavior befitting the office of the presidency. It’s not behavior befitting any sort of executive office. We do not have a man in office who is fitting for the position he holds, so none of this should be shocking.

I’m trying to think of the last president to become so totally hysterical because somebody said a mean thing about him in a book. I can’t think of any. I’m sure there were many who were miffed about some of the things said about them, and they likely had a lot of things to say about the authors of those books, behind the scenes, but publicly, they conducted themselves as professionals.

It’s because they were confident that they could do the job they were elected to do. Trump is not. He didn’t want the job. He wanted the glory and power that goes with it. He wanted the adoration of his pagan groupies. He did not want the actual work.

Because he’s not competent.

McEnany went on to say that he was simply “counter-punching” and that it was the RNC’s job to provide cover for the president.


First of all, if he’s counter-punching against someone who worked under him and was fired, he’s wasting his time.

You’re the president, man! You don’t have to answer every insult!

Second, if the RNC is wasting money on defending Trump from every ugly word, that’s an awful use of party funds.

The RNC will be making fund raising calls soon, if they haven’t started already. Someone should ask how much it’s costing to keep up that pointless “Lyin’ Comey” website.

The only thing that makes sense is that Comey is going to say something that really worries Trump, so they’re circling the wagons.

We had so many chances to not fall into this nightmarish scenario, but here we are, and rather than try to contain the problem, the RNC choose to excuse it away.

This is not helping.



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