Trump Ascending: New Poll Holds Some Positives for President Trump

Despite the Stormy Daniels controversy, the revolving door administration, and his recent cave on a massive budget-busting omnibus bill, things are coming up [sort of] roses for President Trump.


According to a new CNN poll, Trump’s approval ratings took a bump upwards.

The CNN poll,  conducted from March 22-25, showed Trump with a 42 percent approval rating, up 7 points from the network’s same poll last month. Meanwhile, 54 percent of voters disapprove of Trump’s job performance.

Trump got positive marks on his handling of the economy, where 48 percent of people approve of his performance, compared to 45 percent who disapprove.

A whopping 42 percent…

I mean, he’ll likely never hit 50 percent, which makes him the most unpopular first year president in modern history, but, going up is going up.

That 42 percent is the best he’s done since April 2017, when he reached 44 percent approval.

In other areas, a bit over 50 percent disapprove of the way Trump has handled gun policies and foreign affairs.

Speaking of affairs, you’d think the news of Trump’s cheating with a porn star and a Playboy model would have some kind of effect.

It didn’t, but are Trump’s denials going over well?

Monday’s CNN poll found 63 percent of Americans said they believe the women, while 21 percent said they believe Trump’s denials of those affairs.


This particular poll had a sampling size of 1,014 and the margin of error was 3.7 percent.


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