Trump Team Is Now Fundraising by Raising Fears About the Mueller Investigation

To hear the grifters with Team Trump tell it, Trump is Samson, using the jawbone of an ass to fight off the Philistines.

I’m pretty sure that’s a Robert Jeffress sermon, actually.


The reality is that Trump is closer to being the ass than he is Samson.

And now his campaign team are using special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe to fundraise for an election that is still 2 years away.

In an email sent out on Thursday, the implication was that Mueller was somehow out to overturn the 2016 election.


“We cannot let the swamp get away with using our government as a weapon to overturn elections and silence millions of American voters. Please make a contribution of $1 to help FIGHT BACK,” said the email.

They can send these kinds of ridiculous emails out because they know the Trump base.

The people who would think an election can be overturned (and I’m supposing their suggestion is that it would be handed to Hillary Clinton) simply because of an investigation like this are the same people who think a Nigerian prince is prepared to give them a cut of a multi-million dollar fortune, simply for allowing his representative to hide away that fortune by wiring it to their active bank account.

That’s not how elections work. The vote of the people is protected, in that even if the president is found to be guilty of something and is impeached or convicted and removed from office, there’s a line of power that follows. His vice president would take that spot. There is nothing in our system of government that would allow for Hillary Clinton to become president because of this investigation.

I’m not going to say that this particular email was any more or less desperate in tone than any other campaign email. They all, no matter the candidate or the party, seem to make it sound as if your $10 contribution is all that stands between our society’s continued survival and the gathering storm clouds of certain doom.


In this particular email, however, there’s at least a hint of something that is just not a real thing that could happen.

There’s also this notion of 2 governments. There’s whatever is going on in that clown car of an administration running things now, and then there’s the “swamp.”

What we’re to believe is that the swamp operates by its own rules, actively seeking to devour the peaceful, prosperous inhabitants of the Trumpidian government.

Yeah. That’s not happening, either, and if Trump signing off on that $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill on Friday didn’t convince you that he’s the head alligator in the “swamp,” then you’re probably already shopping for all the things you’ll buy, once that prince’s check clears.

The facts are, we’ve got in inexperienced, slow-witted and dishonest president who surrounded himself with dirty players, and now he’s under investigation.

He’s dealing with nothing that other presidents haven’t had to endure, from time to time. Not all of them, but it has happened.

And, if Trump is innocent, he’ll be fine.



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