"He Just Wants to Add a Little Drama" - White House Officials "Confident" Trump Will Sign Omnibus

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Will he or won’t he?

Such drama over the 2,000+ page monstrosity called the “Omnibus” bill. It’s $1.3 trillion worth of bad news, and proves Nancy Pelosi isn’t the crazy one.


When the Obamacare bill was crammed down our throats, it was also a massive nightmare that nobody had read, and people excoriated Pelosi for saying we had to pass the bill to find out what was in it, like reading wasn’t a thing in Washington.

This Omnibus bill is crammed full of so much pork, Senator Rand Paul tweeted out that the copier in his office had ran for over 2 hours, and still hadn’t finished printing out the bill. Once it did, he tweeted out some of the ridiculous spending points contained within, and it was clear that if Republicans ever wanted to paint themselves as the party of commonsense and reduced spending, it wouldn’t be happening if they allowed this bill to pass.

But they did.

Then President Trump, perhaps in response to some of the outraged commentary in media, announced this morning that he might veto the bill, because it lacked a DACA fix or funding for the southern border wall.

Vetoing this irresponsible bill would be the right move, no matter the reason. Whether a veto happens or not, however, is up in the air.

For starters, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has already signaled that the bill must be passed, in the interest of defense spending.


Then there are White House officials that absolutely believe we can’t trust a single thing Trump says.

 “I think we’ll be OK,” White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short told CNN.

Another official said the White House believes that Trump will ultimately sign the legislation.

“I think he just wanted to add a little drama,” the administration source told The Hill. “Everyone here is confident he’ll sign it when it arrives at the White House.”

Of course. Adding “a little drama” always makes things go more smoothly.

Those paying attention should have already picked up that the separation between what Trump says and what he does is vast. That being said, if he folds and signs this bill, nobody should mistake him for a “conservative president,” or someone looking to make America great, ever again.

He’s just the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

The government is due to shut down at midnight on Friday, should Trump fail to sign the bill.


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