Disgusting: Court Jester Hannity Slams War Hero Robert Mueller in Slobbering Propaganda Rager

As if to emphasize the beautiful work of retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, and the piece by Arbogast this morning, we have Sean Hannity’s frothing, rabid attack on special counsel Robert Mueller from Tuesday night.


And yes, I’ve already had a Trumpateer come at me and repeat, nearly word-for-word, Hannity’s unhinged attack – because this is how propaganda works.

Calling Mueller’s character “anything but impeccable,” Trump’s special gimp began his tirade:

“Everybody says, ‘He’s the greatest guy in the whole wide world. Just trust us!’ Well, members of Congress, the mainstream media, they’ve been trying to convince you the special counsel – he is beyond reproach. Sort of like climate change. ‘Oh, nobody disagrees with us. No scientist does.’ That’s not true either! ‘Mueller is the utmost man of integrity,’ ” Hannity said on his Fox News show.

“Well, we’ve been doing some digging and we found some things you need to know about,” Hannity added.

I just have to point out that among those “everybody,” would be another Trump loyalist and frequent Hannity guest, Newt Gingrich, who seemed almost relieved to hear Robert Mueller would be the special counsel appointed to take on the Russia probe.

What changed?

Oh, yeah. Mueller is apparently taking the task seriously.

Hannity launched into a diatribe over a case from the 1980s, involving mobster Whitey Bulger.

“Robert Mueller was the U.S. attorney in charge while these men were rotting in prison while certain agents in the FBI under Mueller covered up the truth,” Hannity said.

“They’ve never investigated him! They’ve actually just lying! It’s their talking point!” he said.

“All of the information we’re telling you about is right there, right in front of the liberal mainstream media in their faces, but they purposefully ignore it because their ‘destroy Trump’ agenda, that goes above all else.”


I suspect that no matter who had been brought in to be special counsel, if that person had shown any dedication to the job, Hannity would be having the same, hair-on-fire reaction, digging up any morsels of dirt to use as a weapon against them.

Oddly (or maybe not), Hannity’s little hissy fit is coming at a time when Trump has decided to ignore the advice of his legal team and address Mueller more specifically in his Twitter rants.

Hannity has mentioned Mueller and the investigation before, but I don’t believe he’s devoted as much time as he did last night to discrediting and smearing the man.

And anyone who doesn’t get that this is in coordination, and at the behest of President Trump has not been paying attention.

This has Trump’s fingerprints all over it, and as Col. Peters pointed out, it’s men like Hannity, who have never served and spout fake patriotism that will attack an actual war hero in service to the state.

It’s called: PROPAGANDA.

Keep sweating, Sean.



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