Behind the Scenes, Trump Has Asked Witnesses About Mueller's Investigation

This is exactly what I would expect.

With the ongoing Russia probe, you’d just about have to guess that being the kind of man he is, President Trump would want to know what was going on in those interviews with special counsel Robert Mueller.


And yeah, that’s pretty much it.

According to new reports, White House counsel Don McGahn and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus were both approached by Trump, in regards to Mueller’s investigation.

Trump reportedly told White House counsel Don McGahn he should issue a statement denying a previous Times report that said Mueller’s team had learned the president once asked McGahn to fire Mueller.

Trump also reportedly asked former chief of staff Reince Priebus during a December meeting how his interview with Mueller’s team had gone and if the investigators had been “nice.”

I remember the reports that Trump was considering firing Mueller, but McGahn had threatened to quit if it happened. What’s more, Trump threatened to fire McGahn if he didn’t issue a statement saying he had not threatened to resign, he’d fire him.

Good grief.

That part makes sense. To fire Mueller in the heat of an investigation would be horribly misguided. The optics alone could sink Trump. As his counsel, had McGahn not put his foot down, he’d have had to have been a pretty lousy attorney.

That’s if it happened.

As for his asking Priebus if investigators were “nice,” I’m sure that’s what he’s hoping.

The report said Priebus assured him they were professional.

According to the report, sources familiar with the conversations informed Mueller that the conversations happened, passing them on out of concern that they were of interest to Mueller’s ongoing investigation.


So who’s likely the source of this latest report?

It kind of looks like the former staff secretary, Rob Porter, who was forced to resign in February, due to past domestic abuse charges from his former wives, is putting information out there.


Porter is said to be the one who informed McGahn that Trump wanted him to issue a statement denying that firing Mueller was ever a consideration.

Porter reportedly told McGahn that Trump had suggested he would fire the White House counsel if he did not deny the Times’s story. However, McGahn did not dispute the allegation publicly.

He later told the president that the story was accurate and that the president had, in fact, asked him to ensure that Mueller was removed from his post, according to the Times.

None of those things happened, but it does suggest that the president is stressing over what’s going on with Team Mueller.




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