President Trump on Working for Him at White House: "It's Tough! I like Conflict!"

The chaos president.

Loyalists want us to believe that the Trump White House isn’t a hotbed of tabloid nonsense, with a 71-year old, emotionally retarded carney at the helm.


That’s what they want us to believe, in spite of everything we see.

In spite of people either being tossed out by the seat of their pants or gnawing off their own legs to get away, we’re supposed to believe that the Trump White House runs like a well-oiled machine, and everything is working exactly as it should.

And in spite of everything we’ve heard about the trouble getting positions within the administration filled (There are hundreds of positions with the Pentagon, State Department, Energy Department, etc… still vacant), Trump also wants us to believe there are people clawing at the door to get in and work for the Trump administration.

Let’s be serious.

Rumors may often be unfounded, but when you hear the same stories of conflict and internal turmoil over and over, from different sources, at some point, you have to face that there’s too much smoke for no fire.

As with any organization, when there is friction in the ranks, the buck stops at the top. It is leadership’s job to pull everybody to the table and make the peace, for the good of the organization.

In this case, for the good of the nation.

That would be the professional, reasonable way to handle conflict.

This is Donald Trump, however, and everything is a show for his amusement.


At a joint press conference with the Swedish prime minister, the president babbled on about how great it is to work at the White House, but then admitted he likes seeing colleagues at each others’ throats.

His term was, “I like seeing it.”

Let’s keep in mind that he recently said there was no turmoil in the White House, now he’s admitting he likes it

So he keeps everybody on eggshells, is verbally abusive to staff (by several accounts), and then pits them against each other, to see who will win his approval.

Yeah, that’s the kind of work environment we all hope for, right?

He really is so desperately unqualified to lead.


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