New Poll: Head-to-Head Comparison of Trump and Mueller Holds Some Surprises

As the Russia probe rolls on, President Trump seems to be getting more spastic about it, while special counsel Robert Mueller’s team keeps a tight lid on leaks and continues to pile charges on Trump’s former associates.


So while I know about what the temperature is among RedState readers, how is it out there with the rest of the world?

In a recent USA Today poll, pitting President Trump head-to-head against Mueller, it would appear Trump isn’t doing himself any favors.

As to Mueller’s work in the Russia probe, 58 percent have some or a lot of trust in what he’s doing. On the other hand, 57 percent have no trust in Trump’s repeated claims of no collusion.


This particular poll came after a grand jury handed down indictments against 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies for creating chaos during the 2016 election.

So is Mueller a rock star?

Maybe not.

However, neither Trump nor Mueller got high favorable ratings. Trump was at 34 percent favorable while Mueller got 37 percent.

I guess that’s saying, “Sure, we appreciate the work you’re doing, but we’ll be glad when we don’t have to hear about you, anymore, Mr. Mueller.”

The great majority of those polled understand that Russia interfered in our election in 2016 (70 percent), but quite a bit fewer felt the results of the election would have changed, even if they hadn’t interfered. Just 42 percent feel the outcome of the election was a result of that Russian interference, while 44 percent feel their efforts made no difference in the eventual outcome.


Three-fourths of respondents said the Kremlin will likely try to influence future American elections, and the same amount also said they take Mueller’s charges seriously. Only 20 percent said they do not view the charges as serious.

Yeah, we can just about guess who those 20 percent are.

Sixty percent of those polled are concerned that Trump seems pretty disinterested in keeping the Russians from interfering again.

With that said, the State Department is implementing a $40 million initiative aimed at confronting these state-sponsored “fake news” campaigns that target the U.S. or our elections.

This poll had 1,000 respondents. It was conducted from February 20 to February 22, over cellphone and landline. It has a 3 point margin of error.


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