Pentagon Officials Are Sweating Over Trump Military Parade Details

FILE - The Pentagon is seen in this aerial view in Washington, in this March 27, 2008 file photo. The Pentagon has revised its Law of War guidelines to remove wording that could permit U.S. military commanders to treat war correspondents as “unprivileged belligerents” if they think the journalists are sympathizing or cooperating with enemy forces. The amended manual, published on July 22, 2016, also drops wording that equated journalism with spying. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

As time moves on, since the news broke that President Trump would like to show off our military might to the world with a parade, opinions have been mixed, between those Trump devotees who would cheer anything Trump suggested, no matter how obnoxious or ill-conceived, and those who take a more practical view of our military, as well as government spending.


A new report suggests that those who would be tasked with aiding in the planning have their concerns, as well.

The Pentagon are reportedly stressing over not just the costs, but the disruption the type of parade Trump desires would cause.

A defense official directly familiar with initial planning efforts said the proposed parade could interfere with military training schedules.

Another defense official said there are worries about how much the parade could cost. The Pentagon is reportedly thinking about looking for private donations, which could be used to pay for particular parts of the parade.

The same big money donors that gave to Trump’s inauguration fund had better be willing to dig deep for this one. They’re now citing costs well into the millions.

And what about the preparation required to put on such an event?

“We don’t have troops and units sitting around waiting to do a parade,” the official added.

It may be a Veteran’s Day event. That would at least give the illusion of being for our military.

Don’t we already have parades for that purpose? Maybe spend less money and beef up those parades, instead.



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