Department of Education SLAPS DOWN Obama-Era Insanity (Title IX Will Not Be Weaponized)

FILE- In this Aug. 23, 2007, file photo, a sign marks the entrance to a gender-neutral restroom at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt. Nearly all of the nation's 20 largest cities, including New York City, have local or state nondiscrimination laws that allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they identify with, though a debate has raged around the topic nationwide. Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, signed an executive order on Monday, March 7, 2016, that guarantees people access to single-sex facilities consistent with their gender identity at city facilities, including offices, pools and recreation centers, without the need to show identification or any other proof of gender. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)

Ok. Here it is. One of those rare (but not super-rare) instances where I give kudos to Trump.

In fact, this is one that is particularly sweet vindication, to me.


I wrote extensively during the run-up to the 2016 election about the Obama administration’s war with North Carolina’s amazing governor, Pat McCrory.

The HB2 “bathroom bill,” passed by the North Carolina General Assembly, and signed by McCrory was a response to a city ordinance voted on by the depressingly liberal Charlotte City Council.

Council members had decided that a sweeping ordinance, catering to the transgender community, was necessary. The ordinance basically made every school locker room, every restaurant bathroom, or rest stop bathroom in Charlotte open to anyone, at any time.

McCrory and the Republican-majority General Assembly saw the danger to citizens, and the easy targets our state’s women and children could become in such a situation.

The ordinance didn’t ask for proof that someone was transgender. All that was required for a predator was to say they “felt” like they deserved to go into the ladies room.

An ordinance designed to cater to feelings, rather than the hard certainties of biology – not a sane, or reasonable response to real life.

When the “bathroom bill” was passed, the Obama administration and liberals across the country took aim at McCrory and the Tar Heel state.

I will forever love and respect Pat McCrory for his backbone. He knew what was right and he did not back down.

While also bringing the state back to a prosperous and thriving economic position, through sound fiscal policy, he took a stand against those who felt social justice for sick, sexual fetishists was more important than the safety of everyone else.


The Obama administration threatened to cut funding for education and protective services to the state.

Led by Loretta Lynch, the [social] Justice Department threatened to sue, for Title IX violations. They arrogantly gave McCrory’s administration just several days to review the conditions of the lawsuit, before they dropped the hammer.

McCrory’s response was to sue them first!

Ultimately, McCrory lost his bid for reelection (after some questionable shenanigans that the state Board of Elections had no stomach to pursue), and that is to our state’s detriment.

The General Assembly and Lt. governorship remained in Republican hands, however, and a compromise on the “bathroom bill” was reached – the Charlotte City Council rolled back the ordinance that had necessitated the bill, in the first place, and everything returned to its normal state.

The battle over bathroom access for people suffering from gender dysphoria, however, has raged on. Different states have had to fight similar battles, all because the LGBTI… community and their liberal facilitators have kept it going.

Again, the weapon they’re using is Title IX – a part of the U.S. Education Amendment of 1972 – which says no one can be discriminated against, on the basis of sex.

When reality is allowed, it tends to rain down like bricks on the heads of the sniveling social justice left.


Now, here’s where I stand up and applaud the Trump administration:

It was reported today that the Trump administration will no longer investigate civil rights complaints filed on behalf of transgenders, hoping Title IX is their golden ticket.

Why not?

Because, as the Department of Education (Thank you, Betsy DeVos) has so very rightly determined: Title IX deals with sex discrimination, not “gender identity.”


This rolls back the Obama administration’s egregious policy of punishing schools and endangering our children, all for the sake of appeasing his base (You know, while he sent his daughters to private schools, where they wouldn’t be affected).

This is good news, so let’s hope our schools get notice, ASAP.





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