Devin Nunes Descends Further Into the Fever Swamps (Life After Congress?)

The world has really been clamoring for another Gateway Pundit, right?

I know I’m excited.

Rep. Devin Nunes, President Trump’s lead lackey in the House, has started his own “news” website, called “The California Republican.”


The site is paid for by Nunes’ campaign, and claims to contain “the best of US, California, and Central Valley news, sports, and analysis.”

And if you want to know the particular flavor of the site, it features titled articles like, “Understanding the Process Behind #ReleaseTheMemo” and “CNN Busted for Posting Fake News AGAIN!”

Actually, not a lot different than what you would find here at RedState, except none of us are pimping propaganda for the government, and while our opinions may vary, we try to keep it honest.

According to Politico, the website was registered by a Fresno-area communications consultant, Alex Tavlian. The company has been paid $7,773 from Nunes’s campaign since July for “advertising; digital advertising management.”

And of course, the site is geared for the full-MAGA.

When approached about the site, Nunes’ chief of staff, Anthony Ratekin, displayed the nasty, sneering demeanor that those fully soaked in Trumpism tend to exude from their pores:

“Until Politico retracts its multitude of fake stories on Congressman Nunes, we will not go on the record.”


Fake, or the ones that are inconvenient to him?

Nunes is up for reelection. His challenger is a Democrat prosecutor named Andrew Janz. Janz, unlike Nunes, had no problem with going on the record:

“He’s got fake memos, fake websites and fake news,” Janz said, according to Politico. “It’s disappointing to see a member of Congress, especially one who chairs an important committee, spread misinformation to his constituents, who he knows will just eat it up.”

And for Nunes, this may be a true, desperation move.

His memo fizzled. He’s planning more, until he can find something that sticks, and now he’s got a website to appeal to likeminded devotees.

It may not help him retain his seat, but in the meantime, he’s got a place to leak his own work to.

So there’s that.


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