WOW: Trump Had a Reason for Not Condemning Aide's Alleged Domestic Violence

After Trump gave a statement on the accusations of domestic violence leveled against former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, his particular beliefs about female victims was pretty apparent.


On Friday, when asked about Porter, Trump neglected to mention his former wives, or the topic of domestic violence, in general. Rather, the president spoke of what a great job Porter did and extended well-wishes for his future endeavors.

No, seriously.

It’s not a lot different than some of the subhuman idiocy I’ve seen from a lot of Trump’s gutter-surfing devotees. They’re of some disturbingly bizarre notion that if anyone has ever brushed through Trump’s orbit, then they are somehow blessed and anointed beyond reach of the same things that mere mortals would be excoriated over.

Even with the accounts of two wives and a third woman who reached out in fear, along with photo evidence, they still insist that Porter is an innocent man, being railroaded by vengeful exes.

The woman is always the liar.


We’ll just put aside the fact that these women didn’t come running to expose this man before the election to try and harm Trump. They didn’t come together and call a public press conference, with Gloria Allred or Lisa Bloom at their sides.

No, these women were approached by the FBI, as part of the process for arranging Porter’s security clearance (something he couldn’t get). White House counsel, Don McGahn was aware for at least a year. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly knew since the fall of 2017.


They sat on that knowledge and allowed this disturbed man access to the president.

And if we get past Vice President Pence’s bizarre, mechanical response, where he couldn’t even muster up a generic statement of condemnation of domestic abuse, without getting too deep into details he seemed unaware of, there’s still Trump’s flat refusal to say anything about why Porter was forced to resign.

Amazingly, another staffer was forced to step down Friday for similar reasons.

The Daily Beast is reporting that away from the cameras, Trump, having his own issues with misogyny, shouldn’t have been expected to speak out against a wife beater.

President Donald Trump has privately questioned the credibility of the accusers. In fact, the president has gone as far as to express doubts to aides and friends about the assault allegations, and has asked repeatedly if there are any reasons Porter’s two ex-wives could have to make up such claims, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the conversations.

Trump’s skepticism has been apparent in discussions with confidants and officials, who tell The Daily Beast that, at least in their conversations, he has not expressed sympathy for the ex-wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby, who have gone on the record to allege physical violence.

If anything, Trump is more concerned with public perception of the situation, reportedly even balking at the idea that the public may see that the White House seems to be acknowledging that they handled the situation badly.


Trump has, however, made clear his displeasure with how his own staff has handled the Porter scandal, multiple sources tell The Daily Beast. Among those whom the president believes have done a less-than-adequate job include Communications Director Hope Hicks, who has been dating Porter, and Chief of Staff John Kelly. According to a Friday report from ABC News, the latter told Trump he would resign over his handling of the Porter scandal if the president asked him to. The White House denies that Kelly “offered” his resignation.

When asked, Kelly also denied having offered his resignation.

Still, this looks bad. Porter was kept around, despite lacking the proper security clearance – clearance he couldn’t get because he’s a stinking wife beater.

All that, and Trump’s praise of the man is going to make for some compelling political ads for 2018 and 2020.



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