Marco Rubio Calls for Revolution in Venezuela (God Bless Him)

I agree.

Venezuela is currently suffering under the oppressive rule of a tyrannical dictator, who callously stuffs his face on camera, while his people starve and riot in the streets.


Nicolas Maduro is the epitome of a leader who needs to be removed, by any means necessary.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is calling for extreme measures – a military coup – in order to remove Maduro and his cabinet, and to bring some measure of order back to the nation.

It’s a horrible, unthinkable situation and the need for help is desperate.

Rubio and Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., have called for tighter sanctions on Venezuela to protest Maduro’s repression of political opponents. The country is suffering through food shortages and a broader economic crisis.

The Trump administration has already sanctioned Venezuela in response, but Rubio and Menendez last month called for the creation of a United Nations special envoy to Venezuela to monitor the situation.


That should just be the beginning.

There is currently an effort to provide relief for at least one community in Venezuela, and I’ve spoken about it before.

A GoFundMe page was started a bit over a year ago by two Venezuelan sisters, called With the monies raised, food items and necessities are purchased, then shipped to a location in Venezuela. From there, the items are bagged and distributed throughout the community, helping to feed and provide for the area’s most needy.

Truly, there needs to be a wider effort throughout Venezuela to create food banks from foreign donations, at least until Maduro is gone and the nation can crawl out from under the Socialist hell it has been subjected to.

If you feel so inclined, do go throw a few bucks at the HelpingVenezuela effort, and let’s pray Venezuela’s military get Rubio’s message.



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