Watch VP Pence Give a Bloodless, Mechanical Answer to Questions About an Abusive White House Aide

Oh… This is kind of creepy.

While in Japan, Vice President Mike Pence may have missed a few things, back home in Washington.

Specifically, he seems to be playing catch-up on news of the White House aide, Rob Porter, who managed to score a place in the inner circle of the Trump administration, despite a background check that was incomplete and trouble getting security clearance, due to an abusive past.


When asked, he managed to stumble over a non-answer answer.

 “I learned as I awoke this morning of those developments and so we’ll comment on any issues affecting White House staff when we get back to Washington,” Pence said when initially asked about the departure of White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who has been accused of physically and emotionally abusing his two ex-wives.


You couldn’t just say it was shocking or horrible news and break off something generic about condemning all forms of spousal abuse?

A second reporter, Ashley Parker, with the Washington Post got right to the point, asking why Pence, as vice president, seemed to be out of the loop so often, finding out after many others in the administration about issues like Porter and his resignation.

More deadpan nonsense.

“It’s a great honor for me to serve as vice president. President Trump has been incredibly generous with the responsibilities and opportunities he’s given me to serve, representing the United States on the foreign stage as we have here in Japan, as we will later today in South Korea, and of course at the Olympics,” Pence said.

“And also being involved in the legislative process. I’m very grateful for that. We’ll leave those White House staffing matters for when we get back to Washington,” he added.


He’s got to be more familiar with what’s going on than it seems.

Why can’t he just make a firm statement, not just on this matter, but any matter? It always seems as if he’s waiting to be given permission to speak.

Anybody else familiar with the old 70s movie, “The Stepford Wives”?

We’re seeing the first Stepford vice president. I’m convinced.


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