OH, THE DRAMA! Former White House Aide Weeps for the Cameras ("It's bad...")

You had to know she was going to milk her time – and her firing from the Trump administration – for everything she could.

Omarosa Manigault was never really more than a reality TV mainstay. Her connection to Trump was through his “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show.


For some reason, he decided to bring her along with him to the White House as part of his communications team, and because he needed a black person to pump up his credentials with the African American community.

Yes. You know that’s why she was there. Ben Carson couldn’t do it all on his own.

Omarosa’s problem was that she was a notorious self-promoter, just like her boss, and also, an infamous rabble-rouser (also just like her boss).

Well, that, and nobody was really sure what it was she actually did.

Omarosa, however, didn’t just get booted out of the administration by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. She left mad.

And of course, she left, promising a tell-all book.

Not only do we have another salacious book of Trump White House shenanigans on the way, but she is furthering her profile ahead of time, by going back to her roots in reality TV.

Omarosa is one of the contestants of the new season of “Celebrity Big Brother,”

That’s one of those “reality” shows, where a group of contestants are put together in a house to try and live and get along, all while the cameras are rolling.


And no, it’s totally not scripted. At all.

In a clip released today, teasing the events of tonight’s show, a tearful Omarosa, with a backdrop of dramatic music, explains to fellow contestant, Ross Matthews, about how bad things were in the Trump White House.

Matthews asks, “Should we be worried?”

Omarosa wipes a tear, as she nods to the affirmative.

This does serve her purpose.

She has that book coming out, so even if she doesn’t come out on top in the show, it will build up the anticipation of what she might share about things witnessed in the White House.

Everybody wants to jump on that train set in motion by the success of Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.” At the very least, Omarosa can claim an inside track. How much dirt she actually has to dish remains to be seen.



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