BREAKING: Here Comes THE MEMO (We're Told to Expect a Friday Release)

Despite concerns from the Justice Department and FBI, regarding national security, and despite claims by the House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Adam Schiff that Devin Nunes had altered the memo after it was voted on (in effect, setting the committee to vote for one memo, but sending another memo to the White House for review), it appears Trump will be signing off on the release.


Rep. Devin Nunes’ office contends that the only details altered were technical, in nature.

The reveal of the memo could come as early as tomorrow, according to a Fox News report.

Sources said the edited version was shown to five FBI officials at the White House on Tuesday afternoon. Sources said the officials were satisfied that the edited memo addressed concerns they had about the earlier version they reviewed on Monday.

Yet an FBI statement was released on Wednesday asserting they had “grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”

In fact, Trump appointee, FBI Director Christopher Wray, has also expressed serious concerns about the release, suggesting the memo was full of inaccuracies and that it “paints a false narrative” of the bureau’s activities.

If the president chooses to ignore his own DOJ and FBI director, some have said you should expect the ensuing fallout to consist of dueling leaks – all potentially damaging – between the executive branch and the law enforcement sector.


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