Former Sheriff David Clarke to Face Trial in Airport Bullying Case

Ugh. Out of all the contemptible characters to spring out of the Trump clown car, through the 2016 presidential race, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke might be one of the most ignorant.


And that’s saying a lot.

Clarke was never really a dedicated sheriff, so much as he was a dedicated fame chaser, glomming on to the Trump campaign and appearing on Fox News with his trademark cowboy hat and an obnoxious amount of ambiguous medals on his uniform.

Clarke’s lack of respect for the office he once held was put on glorious display a bit over a year ago, with an incident on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Milwaukee.

The former sheriff is about to go to trial for an incident from a bit over a year ago, when there was a confrontation on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Milwaukee.

A Daniel Black approached Clarke on the flight and asked if he was Sheriff Clarke. When Clarke answered to the affirmative, Black shook his head and moved on.

That was stupid. And rude. And meant to show disapproval.

He should have just left it alone.

When Black stepped off the plane, he was greeted and questioned by six uniformed deputies at Clarke’s request. Black later claimed that as an “unlawful detainment” in a formal complaint.

Clarke responded to the complaint in a Facebook post displaying Black’s face on the official Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page with the caption: “CHEER UP SNOWFLAKE… IF SHERIFF CLARKE WERE TO REALLY HARASS YOU, YOU WOULDN’T BE AROUND TO WHINE ABOUT IT.”

The FBI also found emails with a search warrant in relation to the incident in which Clarke described Black as an “a**hole,” but did not find enough evidence for the criminal civil rights case.


The majority of that civil rights lawsuit was tossed last week, but Clarke isn’t off the hook.

On January 22, Clarke will face a trial to determine if that ignorant Facebook post constituted a threat or intimidation, in retaliation for his actions on the flight.

He shook his head. It was stupid, but it is being treated as a First Amendment issue.

Clarke likes to roll big and bad, as if that will take away from the fact that he’ll never be more than a bit player in the scene he so desperately wants to crack into.

In response to the news about the upcoming trial that was revealed last week, he tweeted out several hostile tweets, getting his account temporarily locked down, at one point.

These were legitimate news stories about a court case that he was involved in, but he desperately wants President Trump to mention him or acknowledge his existence, in some way.

He chose a meme with himself and Trump, their heads photoshopped onto wrestler bodies, with Trump holding a third figure with the CNN logo over its face, and Clarke delivering a kick.

Sound familiar?

He also tweeted about making the media “taste their own blood.”


He was sure to tag President Trump in both of them.

I don’t know that he got a retweet.

While the civil lawsuit was rejected, the case for intimidation could definitely be made. Let’s hope the jury does the right thing.

David Clarke is a despicable guy. He allowed a mentally ill man to die of thirst in the jail he was supposed to be overseeing. Maybe this will be enough to take him down a peg.




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