Report: Hannity Making Behind-the-Scenes Moves to Protect Trump's Image

It seems I’ve heard a lot of Trump loyalists whining about the left doing this sort of thing.

And both are right, of course.

Everybody that’s been conscious over the past two years knows that Fox News’ Sean Hannity is a ridiculous sycophant for Donald Trump.


Not just a sycophant, but something so much more. The level of brown-nosing that goes on with every broadcast of Hannity’s program is a display of unbelievable suck-uppery.

Hannity is the Secretary of Propaganda for the state, with no actual backbone or integrity. He has the power of Trump’s hot air being blown up his backside to keep him upright.

And so protective of his master is he, that according to the upcoming Michael Wolff book, Hannity is willing to feed Trump the answer to interview questions beforehand.

According to the excerpt, Trump conducted an interview with Hannity in the fall after he expressed his willingness to supply the questions in advance.

He’d have to. More and more, Trump’s instability makes it unlikely that without advance prep, he could come completely unglued on national television, saying or doing something that might cause sponsors to balk and run.

Hannity is a strong supporter of Trump and during his show often defends the president and his actions.

He has focused on what he calls an effort to “destroy Trump fake news media” during many nights on his Fox News program, particularly during his opening monologues.


And I’m sure he’ll be railing against Wolff’s book for the next month, in his defense of Trump. Others on the network have already began circling the wagons and doing what they can to discredit Steve Bannon.

The book also went on to point out that at a recent Mar-a-Lago party, Trump, wearing heavy make-up, greeted a host of old friends and didn’t seem to remember any of them.

If Hannity is supplying Trump with questions before an interview, it would prove that many do not trust Trump’s mental grasp, and that includes his fan boys, like Hannity.



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